For the Love of the Breed, since 1987

Breeding Standards

Pueblo Goldens is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Golden Retriever Breed Standard as one of the world’s most family-friendly companion dogs one can own. Our first priority when breeding a litter of puppies is to produce sound, healthy, and truly reliable temperaments and happy-go-lucky attitudes along with exceptional intelligence. Our puppies smile! Lastly, our puppies have lovely, blocky square headpieces, are nicely boned, and are beautifully coated.

All four clearances required for responsible breeding of Golden Retrievers are completed on each sire and dame and also required for five generations behind each sire and dam’s pedigree used in our program. For more information on the clearances, click here.

How our puppies are raised

Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home. We have two fenced acres surrounded by woods and shady trees. We also have shaded and covered areas available. Mom and pups have a whelping room set up to meet all of their needs from birth to the time they go to their new families. We sleep in the same room as mom and pups until they are weaned to make sure that someone is there should the mom or the pups need anything round the clock. In our home, puppies are exposed to all aspects of home life. They become familiar and comfortable with the sounds of cars, televisions, radios, vacuums, fans, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, stairs, and being let in and out to play. We take the puppies for walks as a group with mom. Pups are never left cooped up inside during rain or bad weather but have cornered play areas to get exercise every day. Every effor its made to raise healthy, well adjusted, and confident puppies.