For the Love of the Breed, since 1987


May 2009 Puppies

Very cute pictures from the May 2009 litter.

9 Photos

Family Pics

Some pictures from families at home

30 Photos

Family Pics 2

More Family Pictures

37 Photos

Show Pics

Show pictures with our awards.

13 Photos

July 2009 Puppies

Some pictures of dogs from our July 2009 litter.

14 Photos

Home Page Pictures

The best pictures that can be seen on our homepage.

31 Photos

September 2009 Litter

The two male pups in our September 2009 Litter

2 Photos


Pictures of the sires of our litters.

3 Photos


Some of my favorite photos.

9 Photos


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NOTE: Show photographs are taken by independent photographers and are therefore the property of those photographers.