For the Love of the Breed, since 1987

We provide grooming, boarding, and training services for all of our dogs.


  • We offer a complete and professional grooming job
  • Goldens are groomed correctly
  • We provide “Basic Baths” upon request
  • Dogs are always dried completely with a forced air K-9 dryer by hand (Dogs are never put in a cage dryer)
  • High quality tools are used to hand trim, strip, and thin coats (No electric clippers or “ferminator” tools are ever used)
  • Coats are conditioned twice: once during the bath and once on the grooming table prior to drying coat.


  • We perform all Basic Training Exercises, all Long-distance Obedience Exercises,  and all Out-of-sight Proofing Exercises

We  teach your dog the following commands:

  1. Come
  2. Sit
  3. Stay
  4. Down
  5. Sit-stay
  6. Down-stay
  7. Stand
  8. Back
  9. Recall*
  10. Watch* (focus attention)
  11. Give/Take
  12. Leave it!
  13. Heel
  14. Left turn
  15. Right turn
  16. Figure eight
  17. Around

Puppies must be 4-5 months old and have completed all of their required vaccinations.

Our Training Methods

  • We use only positive reinforcement training
  • We DO NOT use shock collars, ear pinches, or any other types of aggressive training at Pueblo Goldens
  • Any behavior issues will be assessed and the appropriate training program will be implemented for each individual dog or puppy and family
  • Once training is completed, the primary caregiver/family member(s) will be instructed and given a written program to take home to use to continue and reinforce training
  • We will follow up on dog’s progress after they go back home with continued support.


  • We offer boarding for both adult dogs and puppies
  • We have two fenced acres that the dogs can run in
  • Dogs are carefully monitored and socialized together
  • We have natural play groups where dogs interact in free play, and organized play groups with balls, kongs, and toys
  • This is camp for dogs!